Rate /Rank: Gunner’s Mate Third Class

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Campbell

Born: July 11, 1921 in Candler, North Carolina (near Asheville, NC) 

Age  21 on July 9, 1943
George Campbell was Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Campbell's 3rd child out of a total of 7 children. He grew up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

George and his younger brother Carl enlisted together because the eldest of the Campbell sons had already been drafted into the Army. George and Carl knew they would eventually be drafted too. However George and Carl wanted to be in the Navy instead of the Army, so they enlisted together on February 18, 1942. George was 20 and Carl had just turned 18.

George was in training at Norfolk, Va from March 2, 1942 until May 2. He was then assigned to the Armed Guard unit in Little Creek, Va from May 2 until May 27. On May 28 his records show a day at the Armed Guard base in Brooklyn, NY. Here George was assigned to the tanker Sherherazade. The Sherherazade was later sunk by U-158 on June 11, 1942 in the Gulf of Mexico. (U-158 was itself sunk on June 30, by a U.S Navy VP-74 aircraft.)

After the sinking of the Sherherazade, George came home on leave. Customarily, the Navy grants an automatic 30 days leave for crewmembers who survive the loss of their ship. Family members remember that George was sunburned from being in the water and that he had bite marks on his feet where fish had bitten him. When his leave was done George's brother took him to the train station. This is the last time anyone in his family ever saw him.

George was in Brooklyn, NY (June 17 until November 7) and then was assigned to the SS Chilbar, a tanker, that took oil to Oran, Algeria. The SS Chilbar left New York on Nov, 7 1942 and returned to Texas City, TX in February of 1943.

George's records show he was in New Orleans from February 22 1943 until early May of 1943. On May 5 1943. George was assigned to the ill fated Heintzelman

One of George's brothers, age 8 at the time, says he remembers someone from the Navy coming to the house to tell them George was missing. It was not until after the war that the family was notified that George was presumed dead.

In George's memory, a government-provided granite burial was placed in the cemetery next to George's mother, father, sister and brother. The Campbell family had a memorial service in George's honor October 20, 2002, to commemorate the placement of the marker. 

Read the article that appeared in the Asheville Citizen-Times about the memorial service.



George Henry Campbell

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From left, brother Bill, older sister Frances, and older brother Ralph. One other sister, residing in Florida, could not attend.

campbell_stone.jpg (44907 bytes)

Stone laid at memorial service, October 20, 2002.

campbell_family.jpg (65083 bytes)

Family members.  Everyone in photo is a relation to George. Niece Jennifer Harris is at right, in red and black sweater.
Biographic information provided by:
Jennifer Harris (niece of George Campbell)

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